On International Trade in Services in India

Here is a review written by me back in 2012:

Ajitava Raychaudhuri and Prabir De. 2012. International Trade in Services in India: Implications for Growth and Inequality in a Globalizing World

In my review of this book, I cover four aspects.

First, what is the overall theme of the book? The book is a well-written and informative read wherein issues in service trade are examined and the corresponding policy implications are discussed in considerable detail along with the likely outcomes.

Second, what differentiates it from previous writings? The authors put together a very useful measure of services trade barriers, but there is scope to add further regulatory dimension to the indices. The nature of the primary research that adds light to the findings from the econometric analysis undertaken by the authors differentiates this study from previous ones on this subject.

Third, who should read this book? The findings and implications should be of particular interest to students pursuing higher studies in international trade, academicians and policy makers as an essential reference on the set of issues influencing services trade in India.

Finally, what should be the agenda for future research on this theme? The scope for further research should include a comprehensive examination of implications for India’s sectoral comparative advantages and corresponding export capacities, an in-depth assessment of the regulatory dimension to service trade barriers and drawing sectoral implications from the linkages between services growth and poverty reduction.

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