On Narendra Modi and his International Travels.

The Indian Prime Minister is making waves again. In the background of his recent trip to the United Kingdom, I draw attention to these sets of questions I asked back in April:

Can Narendra Modi’s charisma – and his international travels – power a new era of industry for India?

In the global media spotlight again, the Indian Prime Minister never fails to generate debate and frenzy. This time around, Indian-origin academics in the UK have asked questions in this open letter in the Guardian:

On his UK visit, Narendra Modi must be held accountable for his record on human rights in India.

So, what do we make of this ongoing debate?

Shree Narendra Modi clearly remains a controversial leader of our times. But perhaps what we need as a nation, is to work out a way to address the pertinent questions on the one hand and still work in the direction of the acclaimed Make in India.

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